The Long Awaited SUPER Penang Marathon Trip

Hi all, I'm here taking some time out to update my blog again :) Yay! I'm not writing much cos I'm lazy but let the pictures do all the talking ba ;)

The SUPER Cast
So, who took part in this Penang trip?? They are:
The superman and superwoman (feel sweet when writing this)

The super boys (feel old when calling them boys)

The super XDT (feel farnie)

The super UTARians

The SUPER Stay
Got to know this place during the last trip (recommended by Sze Yun and Hon Sern). My dearest and I did not hesitate to book this place again as it's cheap, cozy and comfortable.

Red Inn Penang (picture taken from: http://www.redinnpenang.com/)

It's located at Love Lane (Nice name, nice place)

4 Bed Dorm at RM30 per bed

For the first day we stayed at Red Inn Penang (Love Lane) then we checked out the other day and moved to Red Inn Cabana which was ard 5 min away. They have informed us earlier when we were booking and i had this in mind: Red Inn Cabana sounds kinda old to me, its room condition must be very bad de. I was quite reluctant to book Red Inn Cabana but gave in at the end, and I never regret that! :)

The only pic we took but i can assure you that the place is worth your stay :)

The SUPER Penang Food
If u want me to give this trip another name, I'll name it Eat, Sleep, Run but there's nothing wrong about it right?? Come Penang must makan la XD

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng (RM5 per plate)

Chulia Street Wan Tan Mee (RM2.70 per plate, cheap and nice :)

Chulia Street Curry Mee (RM3 per bowl, but not as spicy as previous trip)

Penang Road Laksa and Chendol (had these after marathon, feel super super refreshing :)

The SUPER Marathon
Stay tuned for the marathon post :)



It's been quite a long time since i last updated this blog and finally, I'm taking some time to update it. While I'm typing this, I'm actually chatting with the one and only special person who have been through all the ups and downs with me throughout the year of 2011. It's been a wonderful year having her by my side and i want to tell her (though I've told her, nice things worth repeating rite?):

Sorry for all the sad and difficult moments I've given u.
Sorry for my lack of patience and my "shiong-ness" at times.

Thank You
Thank you for ur patience, ur time and ur effort.
Thank you for all the sweet and wonderful moments u've given to me.
Thank you for being with me as always, supporting me and loving me.

I Love You
I love you and let us continue to seek for HIS guidance.
I love you and let us grow old lovingly and gracefully, 2gether :)

<3 Happy 8 Monthiversary <3

(more updates coming soon, stay tuned :p)



Date: Jan 16th, 2011
Location: Persiaran Tujuan besides USJ 2
Time: 4.30pm

My fragile Proton Wira was sandwiched between Mitsubishi Triton and Proton Gen 2!!!

Ezekiel and I was on our way to church for basketball training. We stopped at Persiaran Tujuan, waiting for green light. As the traffic light turns green, the Proton Gen 2 in front of us accelerated and so were we.. Shortly and out of a sudden, the Gen 2 braked and came to a halt, of cos, we also braked and stopped.. As the braking was very sudden, the distance between the Gen 2 and my car was really close.. These two Protons managed to stop but 2bad, the Mitsubishi Triton behind us did not stop and hit my car!! Both of us were flung to the front but thank God we buckled up our seat belts just minutes before the accident.. As my car was very close to the Gen 2, it hit the Gen 2 as well..

The pictures show how my car looks like:

My car suffer the most damages while the Gen 2 and Triton only had some scratches and very light damages on its bumper.. This shows that Proton Wira is kinda paria i call it Milo Tin car.. Haha..

After the accident, we stopped at a side to negotiate, at the same time i called my dad.

The Gen 2 driver came down and had a look on his car.. He said it's ok and after passing me his name card, he drove away..

Meanwhile, the MT driver kept on saying sorry and mentioned that she'll compensate on all the losses.. Including the front part (which will be claimed under my car insurance if we make report). Later we found out that she is actually involved in recon car business which is related to car workshop.. So we followed her to her recon car showroom, negotiated and left my car there..

The results:
She will compensate on all the losses (the front and the back part of my car). Good!
She will ask her workshop ppl to fix it, paint it and return it 2 me in 1 week. Very Good!
She will lend us a car if they fail to repair it on time (maybe she can lend me the Rolls Royce in her show room!?!?).. Kekekeke... Super Good!!
She will give us massive discounts if we buy a recon car from her. I rmb her son, which is ard 5 told us this: "Buy a Porsche la.." LOL.. :) :) If i ever buy a Porsche, Shakelingamly Good!!!

Although I lost my car 4 a week, I wanna give thanks to the ONE above for watching over us so that none of us is hurt.. And of cos, thankful cos the MT driver is willing to compensate on all the losses.. :)


The FINAL month

Time flies and it's the final month of my industrial training. For the past weeks I had been real busy with my project, weekly report and interview session with the Mill Adviser (MA) and UTAR supervisor. Glory be to God, I was well prepared.

Interview session with the MA:

The MA read through my weekly report and asked questions on almost each station of the palm oil mill.

  • What is the capacity of the mill?
  • What is the capacity of weighbridge?
  • What is the function of weighbridge?
  • What is the capacity of loading ramp?
  • What is the function of the wall on loading ramp?
  • What is the capacity of each CPO storage tank? Is it sufficient?
  • How long is the sterilization period?
  • What is the sterilization cycle?

And many more questions……….. Thank God I was able to answer most of the questions and I received good comments from the MA. What a relief!! I was quite stress about the interview as I heard from the manager and the assistants that the MA always ask difficult questions.

After the interview session with the MA, I was quite confident for the next interview with UTAR supervisor which was on the next day.

Interview session with UTAR supervisor:

The interview session went really well. Basically the supervisor asked about my welfare here. How is this place? How are the people here? How the manager and staffs treat me? And so on…

How I answered him? Of course I'm doing very fine here. I feel so blessed to have come here for training. The manager, the assistants and the staffs all treat me very well. Besides that, I learn a lot here. I came here having zero knowledge on palm oil processing but now I know how the oil is extracted, what are the machineries involved, etc.. The only setback is the place is very quiet and very boring but so far I'm still surviving. Haha.

Btw, I'm going home for Christmas!!! KL ppl, c u guys on christmas !!!

God bless and SHAKELINGAM!!!™


Things I like and dislike about Serdang, Kedah

Things I dislike:

The cows
  • There are cows everywhere. No disrespect to them, I like their meat, but I don like their shits/cow dung. They poo everywhere and I have to use my skills to avoid running over it. Besides that, they move very slowly, always blocking the roads..

The lizards

  • Yes I do know that lizards are good. They eat all the insects in our house, but.... they also poo!! In fact, they poo everywhere, even on my bed.. Every time before I sleep I have to make sure my bed is free from lizards' poo. Otherwise, it's gonna get dirty.

The monkeys

  • Ok monkeys, I don't mind if you all hanging around at my yard, but please don't touch my car!!! When I was back from work, my car was full of dirt and sands. On top of that, my front passenger's window visor is torn off. The monkeys were partying on my car, dirtying my car and tearing off the window visor but that's not all, they even pee-d on my car!!! Ish ish. Monkeys you better watch out.

The roads

  • Driving here is dangerous, especially during night time. No street lights but thank God my car lights are bright enough. I saw some ppl riding bicycle and motor bikes which have no lights, alone!! Kudos to them cos I'll never do dat.. It's way too creepy.

The internet
  • No internet access in my estate house. Nowadays I usually go on9 once or twice in a week, and it is 25km away from my estate house..
  • No yum cha, no pool centre, no cinema, no bowling… Haih…

Things I like:

Cheap food

  • RM2.20 for a plate of wan ton mee. RM3.00 for 1 roti canai, 1 roti planta, 1 nasi lemak and 1 teh tarik. There's no way I can find that in Subang.

Flexible working hour

  • My working hour is from 7am to 5pm. It seems very long but I do have two break times, an hour for breakfast, an hour and a half for lunch. On top of that, I can break any time I want.

Relaxing environment

  • This place is really relaxing. The people here are more laid back and less stressful.

The traffic

  • So far I have not encounter any traffic jam here.

The people

  • My boss, his assistants, the staffs and workers are nice ppl. They taught me a lot of things and they are quite generous. Especially my boss, his assistants and their friends.

The church

  • Glory to the Lord. Grateful that I found a nice church here, thanks to my youth pastor. I've met a lot of new friends here and they are very nice people.


Industrial Training @ Batu Lintang Palm Oil Mill (BLPOM), Kedah

1 week into my industrial training and finally I get the chance to blog about it. Hooyah!! It has been a great week. Honestly, I feel blessed to be accepted as trainee here. The manager, assistant managers and the staffs are treating me like one of their own.

In the past months, I have been sending my resume to a few companies and I got three offers in return. After much consideration, I decided to take up this offer and thank God it's the right decision. Haha..

My training location is at Batu Lintang Palm Oil Mill, Serdang, Kedah. It’s one of the palm oil mills belonging to KLK Berhad. This mill started its operation on 1979, so it’s an old mill and most of the machineries are old as well, but due to proper maintenance and some modifications, the mill is still running actively nowadays.

Now let’s move on to the place and people here. The place I’m staying is inside the palm oil estate and it’s only 1km away from the mill. I am the only trainee here and I’m blessed to be sent here. My accommodation is provided, which is an estate bungalow and my room is bigger than the one in Subang’s. Besides that, washing machine, refrigerator, TV with Astro and much stuff are provided. The only thing lacking here is internet connection!!! Cham.. Haha.. Overall it’s still ok.

How about people here?
So far the people I have met are all very kind, especially my manger and his assistants. They always treat me meals and even ask me out for CS gaming session or badminton. Haha.. On top of that, I have found a church here, thanks to the help of my church’s pastor. The nearest church here is 30 minutes away, located at Parit Buntar, Perak. It’s called Parit Buntar Chinese Methodist Church (PBCMC).

Btw, the food here is really cheap.. A normal plate of mee java or wan tan mee costs around RM2.20, but i usually add on for large for ard RM3.00, still cheaper than KL. Haha..

Alrite, time for some pictures:
FFB(Fresh Fruit Bunch) Grading
FFB Loading
(Loading Ramp)
(Driving at nite can be kinda creepy, and dangerous cos it's dam dark)
(Cows are evrywhr)
(The estate house im stayin)
(My safety helmet and safety boots)


Newton Run - Actual Day

As expected, Newton Run 25km Challenge is very hilly. But i never expected it to be so so so challenging..

Basically i ran for an hour, and started walkin as my left knee and ankle are in pain.. I walked for an hour and the 3rd hour my calf muscles cramped and i had to walk and drag my legs for anothr 1 hour and 50 mins..

I used 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish 25km of ultra hilly roads.. No wonder they call it Newton Challenge, it's against gravity! Rested for the whole sunday before i get to continue my studies for my last paper of the year..

Although it was a bad timing, stil thank God that i finished it and managed to get a finisher T. And that is my last run of the year. This year has been a fantastic year with lots of running wit lots of frns.. But kinda regretted cos this year i dint train enuf.. Shall rest for a few months and continue running..